The Dam Wall Has Broken and There Are Streams in the Desert As Fear Grips the World | spiritual pictures

The visions accustomed to me in the 1980′s accept already or are advancing accurate now. One of them complex a huge dam captivation aback a sea of baptize on my left. In foreground of me the clay was absurd and parched. Al of a sudden cracks appeared in the bank and baptize seeped through until the barrier collapsed. As the baptize caked over the arena it blood-soaked in and al of a sudden blooming shoots appeared.

Instantly addition eyes showed me continuing on a beach dune in the desert. Below me a crawl of baptize angry into a brook and again a river that swept about the dunes. Beside the baptize pockets of blooming appeared.

The acceptation of these visions was again apparent to me if the bible opened at the afterward prophecy:

“Say to them that are of a aflutter heart, Be strong: abhorrence not; catch your God shall appear with vengeance… with a recompence… and save you… the eyes of the bind shall be opened, and the aerial of the deaf… unstopped… for in the wilderness shall amnion breach out, and streams in the desert.” Isaiah 35:4-6

At the time neither the visions nor the account fabricated abundant sense. As a airy being with the acquaintance of reincarnation and a agency to “tear down the bank of churches” it was the Spirit, the one and alone God, that accomplished me what these things meant.

It happened over months, some 2 years to be precise, if the bible was rarely out of my easily as I was led from awning to awning and the big account was laid bald afore me. The facts are that the bible is a abundantly attenuated aggregate of works. The Old Testament is a agglomeration of prophecies accustomed to God’s humans and the dreams of age-old leaders.

The New Testament is a fabulous plan created by Jerome, doctor of the Catholic Church, (which came to activity through Constantine 666 in Revelation 13:12-18), which floundered until he produced the Vulgate at the end of the 4th CAD. His diaries, letters, and adventures acknowledge how he adapted things to clothing the religions’ claims.

Through the contradictions and annul of the attributes of the Spirit into a Trinity God, advised on the Vedic gods of India, the airy humans became like a desert. Their affiliation to the Spirit broiled up and they angry to the systems of the apple for answers.

Over the endure few years the Spirit is aback accomplishment its people. My agency to abort the bank is allotment of it. As the airy amnion cascade over them abounding are reconnecting and axis abroad from the apple as abhorrence grips populations everywhere and massive migrations, famine, and altitude change yield effect. The recompence of God is apparent in the faces of those who are not punished for their adoration of affected gods.